November Athlete of The Month – Megan Frohm


November Athlete of The Month – Megan Frohm

  1. In general, what is your background? Age, Occupation?

I’m 37 years old.  I moved around a lot as a kid, but have lived in Loudoun County the longest, so I just say I’m from here.  I’ve lived in Purcellville for about 10 years with my husband, David, and my three kids:  Zac (12), Luke (10), and Maddie (4).  I currently work at Winchester Medical Center as a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner.  Most people don’t know nursing is not my first degree.  My first degree is in fashion design and merchandising.  Despite a promising start in fashion, I have always loved medicine so decided to pursue nursing.  I worked as a patient care tech in nursing school for 2 years, then as a nurse in the ICU for 10 before going back to school for my NP degree.  As a kid I wasn’t super athletic.  I learned to swim at 10 and liked it enough to try club swimming.  My first meet I finished last twice and disqualified once, but I absolutely loved it and kept with it.  I ended up swimming in college and had a pretty successful run before I tore my rotator cuff my junior year. 

2. How did you get to know about Catoctin CrossFit and why did you start?

After I tore my rotator cuff my fitness pretty much consisted of doing either the elliptical or running.  Once I started nursing school I really didn’t have time for much of anything other than school and eventually I just stopped going to the gym.  I would try some fitness programs here and there but nothing ever stuck.  I knew Catoctin CrossFit existed but was too insecure with where I was physically to try it sooner. After my daughter turned one, I decided I was tired of donating monthly to LA Fitness and really wanted get in shape and knew it was time to get serious no matter how uncomfortable it was. 

3. What has Catoctin CrossFit changed about your life other than a new workout routine?

Catoctin CrossFit has given me a confidence in myself and my body that I never had before.  Even when I was in my best shape with swimming I was never able to lift the amount of weight or do the movements I do now.  But more importantly I have always been really insecure with body and it only got worse after having children.  Now I feel strong and healthy and I can honestly say at 37 I’m really happy with where I’m at.

4. What motivates you and keep you coming back to Catoctin every day?

Besides the amazing people, I love the challenge each work out brings every day and the opportunity to improve.  Also, now that I have a daughter I don’t ever want her to be insecure with her body and I want to show her that being healthy and strong is beautiful.

5. What advice would you give someone thinking about trying a class at Catoctin CrossFit?

Trust the process and don’t compare yourself to others, this is your journey.  I remember my first time walking in and seeing all these strong amazing athletes and thinking I will never be there, it can be very intimidating.  But start slow, modify, learn the movements, and keep going.  Also, trust your coaches, Zach and Troy are fantastic and tend to know what you are capable of before you even realize it. 

6. What Goals have you set for yourself in 2020/2021?

I am going to do a bar muscle up this year…. There it’s out in the universe now, so I’m going to make it happen.

7. Favorite CrossFit moment so far?

I have two.  My first is doing my first pullup, thank you Zach for the pull up program, it works!  My second is the fateful day when Erin Healy Johnson and I partnered together for the first time, thus the beginning of my WOD partner for life and super friend.

8. Favorite and least favorite type or workout or movement?

Cleans and pull ups all day.  Least favorite is double unders, I don’t do them anymore.  I have sprained my ankle twice attempting them and the sound of a jump rope against the ground still sends a cold shiver up my spine.

9. If you had to teach a class (non-fitness) on one thing, what would it be and why?

I would love to be a nursing professor one day, but specifically I would love to teach pathophysiology.  I love to nerd out on some patho.

10. If you could be on a reality TV show, what would it be and why?

The Great British Baking Show, but not as a contestant just as a judge because I like dessert.