You don't join us, we join you on your fitness journey

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    Want a change from the traditional gym environment? If you’ve lost motivation from the same repetitive workout that didn’t deliver results or simply want to begin a healthier, fitter lifestyle you’ve found it!

    Catoctin CrossFit is a Coach Led Fitness program. Working with the help of coaches in a group of your peers, we’ll provide the guidance necessary for safe, extremely effective, always different and most importantly fun fitness experience! This program, and options we provide, makes it suitable for anyone to rekindle their passion for fitness, be it working out for the first time regardless of age or simply switching up their current routine.

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You don't join us, we join you on your fitness journey
About The Gym
The core goal of Catoctin Fitness is to ward off the nursing home. Once we lose the ability to move, reach, pick a child up or squat to a toilet, our lives or living them can stop. Let us join you in your journey of becoming fitter in 10 years, than you are now or have ever been.
341A N Maple Ave. Purcellville, VA 20132
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