April Athlete of the Month -Wendy Murray


April Athlete of the Month -Wendy Murray

1. In general, what is your background? Age, Occupation?

I am a 53 year old wife and mother of 3 children. I attended Wake Forest University for undergraduate and graduate school (MBA) and was a corporate banker before having the blessing of staying home and raising our children. Our oldest, Sidney, is 25 and currently working on her PhD in Neuroscience at American University. Our son, Elwyn IV, is 22 and in his first year of seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary. Our youngest, Julia, is a senior at Woodgrove and, will like her brother and sister, attend Wake Forest University in the fall for undergrad. My husband and I, while we will miss all the kids being gone next year, are both looking forward to my new occupation as “empty nester” and the opportunities it will create.

2. How did you get to know about Catoctin CrossFit and why did you start?

When I turned 50, I started reevaluating my overall health and fitness. I had undergone treatment for breast cancer just prior to that time and that coupled with that milestone birthday created a strong desire in me to “up my game” as far as health and fitness. My niece who is an athletic trainer told me about CrossFit as something that can be tailored to all fitness levels and would help with all aspects of my fitness.  I started searching in our area for a CrossFit gym and came across Catoctin CrossFit online.  I emailed Zach and he invited me in for a class. He was so welcoming and engaging. I could tell he really wanted to meet me on my level and was willing to invest in my wellbeing with customized coaching and encouragement.  He made me feel like even though this would be difficult for me at times, that I would get stronger and healthier.

3. What has Catoctin CrossFit changed about your life other than a new workout routine?

Catoctin CrossFit has made me a real believer in the power of great fitness coaching and of a great fitness community. The coaches, Zach and Troy, as well as so many of the members that I now call friends inspire me to try to be the strongest and healthiest version of myself inside and outside the gym. Consistent CrossFit is truly functional fitness where you feel stronger in your everyday activities because of it.

4. What motivates you and keep you coming back to Catoctin every day?

I am motivated each day by the great coaches and by the other members that are so encouraging and energizing. I keep coming back because I keep getting stronger and more in shape little by little each day.  Each day I come in makes me feel like I have done something positive for my overall health and well being!

5. What advice would you give someone thinking about trying a class at Catoctin CrossFit?

I would say if I can do it, truly anyone can do it! I started at a very low level of CrossFit IQ and ability and was rather intimidated at first to try it. There are some amazing athletes at Catoctin CrossFit. Instead of letting that intimidate you, let that inspire you. Zach and Troy will not let you drown. They are very knowledgeable and compassionate. They will help you every step of the way.

6. What Goals have you set for yourself in 2021?

I am really trying to work on my body composition this year. I also would like to get at least 5 “real” push ups at a time. I have done 3 so far. A stretch goal would be to get a pull up by year end. I hope the first two goals will help me toward this last one!

7. Favorite CrossFit moment so far?

My favorite moment at Catoctin CrossFit so far is that I have gotten more comfortable consistently snatching 55lbs…this has happened in the last few months. I used to despise snatching. I just could not quite get it. It feels good to be kind of “comfortable” with this now!

8. Favorite and least favorite type or workout or movement?

I probably like to row the most. I despise burpees and overhead squats!

9. If you could be on a reality TV show, what would it be and why?

I would like to be on The Voice or American Idol because I am a closet country music diva!