September Athlete of the Month- Mandy Muntz


September Athlete of the Month- Mandy Muntz

1. In general, what is your background?  Where are you from, education, sports etc.I grew up in Illinois, went to middle and high school in Virginia, and college in Pennsylvania. I was a cheerleader and gymnast through high school, then coached gymnastics after college before I started my “real job” (government proposal and marketing work).

 2. Age, Occupation? 38, Mom and Homeschool Teacher to my 3 littles 🙂 

3. How did you get to know about CrossFit and why did you start?  I just always assumed that I’d like it, but never tried any CrossFit gyms. After 10 years of doing Beachbody DVD’s, I wanted to find a gym and do something more challenging. 

4. How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?  It’s at the point where if I don’t make it to CrossFit, I’m crabby 🙂 Having a community of awesome people and coaches to workout with is so much fun! It has pushed me and made me appreciate my strength, while giving me more confidence. When I first joined, I was only able to slightly bend my arms in attempting to do a pull up. I now can do strict pull ups and I’m working on my muscle up. The 35 lb bar felt heavy for cleans (when I moved off of the training bar), and now I’m cleaning 3 times that. My deadlift increased by 6 times. It’s been really great to see the hard work pay off.  

5. Name one goal and/or personal record you would like to accomplish through CrossFit. I’d like to get my muscle up next and increase my running distance and speed. I used to run half marathons and now it’s just not fun! 

6. Favorite CrossFit moment so far? Getting my first pull ups and first HSPU’s in the open. I was surprised by it, and assumed I was just going to have to be done early. 

7. What do you like most about Catoctin CrossFit? I love the fact that I literally cannot think about anything else for 1 straight hour while I am there. It’s like a fantastic selfish hour to think about what I’m doing (mainly technique, recalling how much I lifted previously, and setting a goal of what I want to lift or a time I want to beat), and nothing/nobody else! It helps reduce my stress and it’s something fun that I love doing. And when Marcus plays good music, it reminds me of the college years 🙂 

8. Favorite WOD? Anything combining rowing, cleans, HSPU’s, and pull ups. I enjoy rope climbing too. Love the hero WOD’s. The Murph was awesome. 

9. Least Favorite WOD? Hmm. Fran sucked last week! Jump roping doesn’t make me excited. Or burpees. Or running. Ha ha! 

10. Favorite Movement? Cleaning 

11. Least favorite movement? Snatching 

12. Favorite place or food to eat locally? With my kids, Chipotle. With my husband, anywhere! I’m just happy when we have a date night, so it could be just getting pizza and I’m excited for that 🙂