Cara Peebles-Scott

Cara Peebles-Scott


Staying active and healthy has always been important to me. I was a dancer, a swimmer, I worked at a gym in College, trained in boxing, jumped into running and sprint triathlon. My fitness ADD settled on the perfect balance of CrossFit and Yoga.

I’m also in Public Relations, so being a Yoga Instructor is the perfect combination of doing the two things I am most passionate about – health and wellness, and people.

When I first became a yoga teacher, my primary purpose was to help athletes. The people in my circle. People that had active lifestyles like me. My teenagers and other student athletes. Runners. Cyclists. Swimmers. Cross Fitters. Weightlifters. I was active and knew how much yoga had helped me. I wanted to gift that same set of benefits to other people. So I became a teacher.

I love teaching athletes – especially weightlifters, especially when they’re my friends and we’ve been doing the same workouts together all week. Where I’m feeling tightness, they are too. So I can customize each yoga class to what our bodies need most.

You may be asking yourself how Yoga would benefit weightlifters. Where do I begin?

Increase range of motion: Strength training and lifting weights shortens and tightens muscle. In yoga, the poses or asanas help to increase mobility while lengthening and releasing those tight areas of the body including your ligaments and the fluid around your joints. Holding these poses releases tight muscles, encouraging flexibility.

Soreness: Yoga helps to flush out lactic acid in over-worked muscles. It draws oxygen into muscles, helping them perform better and more efficiently and heal.

Focus: Breath work and focus that is practiced in Yoga can be used to increase focus on correct posture when lifting heavy weights and correct breathing during workouts.

Reduce Risk of Injury: If you focus on the larger muscles groups and ignore the smaller stabilizer muscles, you’ll have muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalances can cause injuries such as dislocations and muscle tears. Yoga helps with balance and strengthen joints and smaller stabilizing muscles, which helps prevent injury.

Correct Posture: Working only larger muscle groups can have a negative effect on your posture, like slouching (this also happens in teenagers with excess gaming and in people that sit at a desk all day) due to neglect of the opposing muscle groups in the back. Through a consistent yoga practice, your posture may be greatly improved. Chest and shoulder opening postures combined with core strengthening poses and exercises in yoga class are key to improving posture.

The benefits of Yoga are endless. Bottom line- keep lifting weights and WOD’ing like crazy. Just add a little yoga to your routine.

I know that it can be intimating for a Cross Fitter to walk into a yoga studio – so we bring yoga to the box. We bring yoga to you, our athletes because we believe in whole body health and wellness.

And just like no two athletes have the same max on every movement, no two yoga students will look the same or have the same flexibility on the mat. Like Cross Fit, it is encouraged to listen to your body and do what feels right to you. Like Cross Fit, we will cheer you on and support you. Show up for yourself to heal and repair your body.

Until I see you on the mat – Namaste.

Education and Certification:

  • Yoga Alliance 200RYT with over 500 teaching hours
  • Advanced Anatomy for Yoga Certification
  • Group Fitness Certified – AAAI/ISMA (American Aerobic Association International/ International Sports Medicine Association)
  • St. John Fisher College BA Communications
  • CPR/AED Certified