January Athlete of the Month – Tosca Smith


January Athlete of the Month – Tosca Smith

1. This is my 7th year as a crossfitter with CCF and at the ripe age of 53 it’s kept me fit and motivated to be my healthiest self.  My husband, Tim Smith DDS, and I have a dental office in town which has been in practice for 20 years and I help run the business side of operations.  My fun job during non-Covid has been as a private flight attendant for the past 6 years on corporate jets and with a few private owners.

2.  My husband first heard about crossfit in 2013 and as soon as a box opened in town he dropped in and told me this was the best workout format anywhere.  I went in for a trial and never looked back.

3.  Besides getting stronger and fitter with crossfit the community in the box is the most rewarding part of being part of  this unique “gym” where everyone knows your name and becomes a friend.

4.  The people and the excellent always challenging programming keeps me coming back week after week, year after year.

5.  The advice I would give anyone starting out is if you’re looking for a challenge to change your physical and mental being, crossfit will help you succeed because it makes you dig deep and work harder than any fitness program I have experienced.

6.  My goals in the new year are to continue to challenge myself by working on skills I have yet to master, like muscle-ups, improve lifting techniques and gain more strength in each movement.

7.  My favorite moments in the box have been participating, witnessing, and encouraging other athletes during the open workouts when we all finish a grueling workout.

8.  My least favorite workouts are long chippers especially ones including the rower or assault bike.  Any time we clean, snatch, and have handstand push-ups I get excited!