New To CrossFit?

Great! We actually prefer to teach from the ground up!


You are not alone. Our community is a group of peers of all ages and fitness levels just like yourself, sweating, enduring, finding new limits, encouraging one another, and progressing right along with you. You will never get that typical gym feeling that you are the only person in a crowded room where others are judging you.


You will be coached on basic to advanced movements throughout your entire journey. Never will you be left to fend for yourself figuring out “what to do at the gym today” or whether or not you are “doing something correctly”. The workouts are planned out over a period of time and strategized in a way that will best promote improvement and your safety.

Safety and Scaling:

We have a massive emphasis on proper athlete movement and development. All workouts are able to be customized. We know that everyone is different and needs to tackle specific movements or techniques to become better, safer, and ultimately fitter. Never will you be pushed into movements, workouts, or positions your body is not ready to accommodate.

What to expect:

A group of individuals just like you. A coach will greet you and be with you 100% of the time. You’ll be in a small group of other athletes all still learning and in constant pursuit of becoming better. Expect to workout, stay safe and have fun while you’re here, high fives from a fellow classmate will follow the workout!

How to start:

Send me an email, zach@catoctincf.com. Let me know what why you chose CrossFit, what your past exercise experience is, and what your goals are! We can begin with scheduling some time to chat in person about your background and the program. We will also invite you to simply join us for a workout or two without any expectations.

You don't join us, we join you on your fitness journey
About The Gym
The core goal of Catoctin Fitness is to ward off the nursing home. Once we lose the ability to move, reach, pick a child up or squat to a toilet, our lives or living them can stop. Let us join you in your journey of becoming fitter in 10 years, than you are now or have ever been.
341A N Maple Ave. Purcellville, VA 20132
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